These students come from different countries and they use their native languages to express their thanks to Giant Star Services.
Jackie Lim
Study in Aussie? It’s never been easier... Giant Star provides information and assistance for me as an overseas student and they also help me to manage all the things about the student visa, career advice, and all of the other living stuff. Giant Star recommends me a great way to develop my skills by recommending me to a better education. Why Aussie? Australia is not only a country but also a continent. It created a global opportunities for me so I can do better and have a better career in the future. That is why I decided to study in Aussie… Thanks a lot Giant Star… Good Luck ^^
Ramli-Riau selatpanjang
Diploma in Accounting
Clarendon Business College
Academies Australasia Group
Coming to Australia it just like a dream, I'm extremly grateful to Williana ang for all that she had done
without her great experience and help I could hardly be here and wouldn't be able to fulfill my dream to
study in Australia. She is friendly and helpful, she even helped me booking the ticket and picked me up
at the airport as I have never been here before everything has been arranged well by her.
Giant Star is a famous international education services in Australia I'll recommend it to my friends if they are
interested to study in Australia.

keep up your good job and all the best.......
Windi Utami - Jakarta
Diploma of Tourism
Clarendon Business College
tau giant star ini rekomendasi dari teman.....jujur....ak cukup puas pake company ini sebagai agent pendidikan karena waktu ak ngurus change provider educ...c willy sebagai manager marketing educ,,,sangat2 membantu ak...&untuk pengurusan study plan ak percayakan ke giant star dan gud recommendation bz they know everthing that student needs...wish the best for giant star and keep going...... an special thanks to wiliana ang.....my nice friend and student advisor as well...
Jackson Tan - Tanjungpinang (Indonesia)
Diploma of Science and Engineering
Insearch UTS
I really owe a lot to Giant Star because I would not be able to come here without their great planning and help. Everything has been arranged well by them. They give me information of university that suits me best and even help me with accommodation and jobs. All I need to do is leave it to them and started my new university’s life. I have no doubt in recommending Giant Star to you.
Bonnie Kao - Taiwan
Diploma of Hairdressing + Beauty Therapy
LKJ College
Thanks Williana for help me to find a school in which I can learn new knowledge and skill from the professional teacher and using all equipments to improve my skills for my future ability that I can have a chance to live here with my family.

In the beginning of service, I impressed her attitude and profession, who was trying to explain whole information to me and made an effort to solve my problems as possible as she could. Until now she still care everything about me and give more help. Now I am in school studying about hairdressing course for two months, she still keeps in touch with me regularly.

I deeply appreciate her help and kindness.
Aiwen Lim – Indonesia
ACA (Australasia Academic)
I used Giant Star as my education agent because in Australia it provides free assistance including career advice, visa services and all the other required services until course of study is completed. It helps choosing best education provider and always advises in the best interest of students. As it gives free services for the student, it will help student financially as well. It lies in the heart of Sydney, which makes more convenient to contact and understand and all the services are provided in some languages. I am fully satisfied with the services provided by Giant Star.
Corina - Jakarta,
Hi guys, My name is Corina. Jakarta, Indonesia.
Well, honestly I've been 3times changing student agent services.
currently I'm taking hairdressing course. it was fun, challenging and i do enjoy this course.
I've got much help from Giant Star while continuing my study in Sydney and processing visa status.
Giant Star provided all I need and they did really take care of me.
by dropping this testimonial I like to say BIG Thanks to Williana Ang, she's the most friendly n nice agent that I ever knew^^
wish all the Best and always..
Henry - Jakarta
Bachelor of commerce ( Accounting ) - Central Queensland university
Sebelum sklh ke Ausie,, jujur gw ragu bngt soalnya gw kg pernah ke Ausie sblmnya.. pertama gw da daftar lwat agent di jakarta tp saking ragunya bokap gw ngebatalin semuanya n akhirnya gw ktmu williana n di urusin mulai dr pick up di airport,, dicariin homestay yg oke ampe dicariin sklh yg oke bngt.. so bagi loe2 pd yg mau sklhdi Ausie jangan ragu deh cari giantstar.... bye
Maria - Jakarta
Diploma of Hospitality
Austech Institute for Further education
Saya tau Giant Star rekomendasi dari teman saya....
Saya sangat puas pakai giant Star sebagai agent pendidikan...
mulai dari pengurusan collage sampai pengurusan Visa semua
saya percayakan sama giant Star....khususnya Williana sangat membantu saya mulai dari di Jakarta sampai di Sydney...apa saja informasi yang saya perlukan dibantu oleh Williana...
Saya juga akan merekomendasikan Giant Star kepada teman-teman saya yang berminat sekolah di Sydney....
Once again Thank you very much Williana.....
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